Nvr Enuff – Mystery Unicorn #6

The mystery of Mystery Unicorn #6 is solved! 

I’m kinda embarrassed to admit that this is my first ever Nvr Enuff polish and I don’t think I could have picked a more gorgeous one (even though technically, I didn’t know when it would look like when I ordered it)!

This one bottle (one bottle!!!) embodies my all-time favorite colors. 😍😍 Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick sample of some the things I have pinned to my dream wedding Pinterest board (every has one of these right???) 😂

Anyways, before I get off topic. Mystery Unicorn #6 is a gorgeous teal holo polish with a green/teal/blue shift and the most fantabulous purple shimmer. 

Mystery Unicorn #6 is opaque in 2 coats and dries with a smooth shiny finish. This is one of those holos that is on 🔥🔥 both indoors and in direct sunlight. 

I really like how this polish applied. It went on smooth without being patchy or goopy. The polish consistency was really nice – not too thin or thick. I will say that it did took me a bit too get use to the brush, which is wide and flat. Doing my pinky was a like awkward, so I had to play with things a little in order to avoid a preschool coloring -esque mani 😂

Pictured below is 2 coats and a quick dry top coat. 

                     Under my Ottlites

                        In the setting sun


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